Company Profile:
Started to work in 1997 DENIZ PLASTIC FOOD CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY and TRADE. LTD. Sti. Has taken its place today in the plastics industry thanks to the steps it has taken since its establishment and the conscious leaps it has made. DENIZ PLASTİC has become a pioneer in the sector with its production and sales policy aimed at customer satisfaction. Our company, which serves customers with its high production capacity and modern facilities, aims to carry the same growth quality concept and services to the future years. We have aimed to reflect modern technologies with our investments. With our fast and high quality production, we meet the increasing demands of our customers as soon as possible. The basic principle of DENİZ PLASTİC is quality production. Our goal is to make the best and highest quality products in the shortest time to work with zero error. DENİZ PLASTİC has become an important force in the sector today with its quality production that we provide. It continues its activities with a closed production area capacity of 6.000m2 within an area of ​​13.000m2. We try to deliver the best and most reliable service for our precious customers effectively to you.

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Established Date: 1997  Tax Office: 5 Ocak  Tax Number: 9840045665  Staff Count: 0-5  Export Specialist: Mehmet ASLAN